Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Frosted Glass

This week I decided to pick up some of Krylon's Frosted Glass Finish paint to play around with...

This was SO easy to do!!! All you need is a clear glass object, some masking tape or stickers to make your design, and the paint. I also used a ribbon to tie around mine.

Adhere your sticker or tape to the glass...

Then spray your paint on. I put my vase upside down to keep a smooth glass surface on the inside. Spraying thinner coats and more of them will give better results.

Follow instructions on the can for drying time. I applied about 4 coats of paint and it was about 2 hours before the vase was ready to be handled.


  1. How clever, came out great....grandma

  2. You are too much! Your ideas are great! =)

  3. That's so awesome, Danielle! I'm definitely trying this :)