Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Easter Card For Him

I've been feeling very inspired and excited about creating things, so instead of buying a card for my husband this Easter, I decided to make him one. He is very excited about the fact that I've been so into my crafts lately. He majored in art and happens to like my style, so I know he's going to love this. Plus, he's more sentimental than even I am and will appreciate the time put into it. So here's what I came up with...

Taa Daaa!!!

You can make one too! Here's how:

What you'll need:

Coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper/card stock in earthy tones


1 small brad




distressing ink

paper towel



paper cutter (optional)

rub-on wording (optional)

  1. I almost forgot to take pictures (shame on me!) so forgive me for throwing several steps into one... On a piece of card stock, draw out two separate designs, one to fit inside the other. Cut it out and distress the edges. On the back, draw out the shape you would like to follow for your pin pricking. I followed the same pattern for my smaller shape and then drew a more intricate design on the larger one. When finished, use a pin to poke holes along the line to make your design on the paper. Adhere the smaller shape in the center of the larger one.
  2. Cut out some of the basic shapes to use on the front (two rectangles, one to place inside the other), a piece of ribbon, and your actual card base. You’ll want to make sure that the rectangles are the same width as the card.
  3. Cut out different flower shapes on four separate pieces of paper.
  4. Distress the edges on each layer and attach them together with a brad.
  5. Attach the flower to the pin pricked shapes you made in step 1 with the brad.
  6. Take the rectangles that you cut out in step 2 and distress them. Then adhere the smaller rectangle to the larger one and wrap the ribbon around them, securing the ribbon on the back with tape.
  7. Attach your rectangles to the front of the card. Distress outer edges.
  8. Adhere your flower and pin pricked shapes to the card over your rectangles. Use rub on transfer or embellishment on the bottom right hand corner.
  9. Cut out two rectangles of the same size, just slightly smaller than the card. Distress the edges and attach them to the insides of the card. Using another piece of paper, write or type out desired text. Distress the edges and attach to the inside of the card. I used a scripture verse relating to the holiday on the left side and my own personal sentiment on the right.
  10. Using another piece of card stock, place your card in the center and trace the edges. Draw lines from the edges of where the card was traced to the outside edge of the card stock in a very slight “V” shape. Note: the card will be thick so you’ll want to make the envelope slightly larger. I added about 1/2 cm to all sides of the traced shape.
  11. Fold all four flaps in towards the center, starting with the sides, followed by the bottom and then the top. Glue along overlap on the bottom flap.
  12. Use an embellishment or seal to close the envelope. I had a ton of wax and a stamp with our initial left over from our wedding so I used that.
  13. Use some of the left over scraps to cut into rectangular shapes. Distress the edges on both the paper scraps and the envelope. Write the name of the recipient on one of the scraps and attach them all to the front of the envelope.
  14. Feel good about yourself... you did something thoughtful for someone you love =)

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