Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Busy Little Bee... That's Me!

Where in the world have the last three days gone?!

Between filing taxes, doing some work around the house and having some fun with the little man, the past week has been a blur. We've really been enjoying this beautiful weather. Yesterday, Elijah and I went next door to play with his little buddy Lennon, Lennon's Ouma, and beautiful mommy (and my dear friend) Janine. We swam, talked, laughed and ate homemade cereal bars.

And of course, I've been crafting away...

My big little sister Brittany came over during her spring break to spend some time playing. I call her my big little sister because while she is about 6 years younger than me, she is also about 6 inches taller. Anywho... while browsing blog sites, I came across a tutorial (by Kierste from Brown Paper Packages) on UCreate for ABC's in a Can. While I do want to make this at some point for my little munchkin, it's cute design was actually the inspiration for a savings tin. Britt is going on a missions trip to Nicaragua this summer and has to come up with some money to fund her trip beforehand. Thus came the savings tin. She did most of the work... I mostly just offered suggestions and cut out her letters which spelled out "Feed Me." Then we glued on the top and started taking the can's suggestion =)

I saw yet another great idea on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. After watching her Bleach Pen Tutorial, I decided to make a shirt for Eli. Since my husband has family members who are really into surfing, I just couldn't resist the wave design...

I've also put together a couple more things to add to the Decoupage Wall Art I made to dress up my boring and bland kitchen, but I'll be posting those photos on tomorrows blog ;0)

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  1. Super cute stuff!!!
    I love having creative friends :o)