Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sincerely Sunday : Fall Is In The Air

Wow, it has been a long time since I've done a Sincerely Sunday post!  Here we go...

Things I am thankful for:
1. The relationships that I am building with the other young moms at our new church home.  It's refreshing to meet other women that are in the same place in life that I am in.
2. The unique opportunities that my son will get to experience in his lifetime.  I've been realizing lately that between Cliff's family and my own, Eli has so much at his fingertips.  My dad has a lot to teach him about gardening (and Eli LOVES watering the plants with his Papa!) and is a bee keeper.  My parents also have a good, healthy appreciation for football.  Cliff's parents always have odd animals for Eli to play with.  Right now, they have a young deer that hangs around and will come right up to you looking for food and licking you like crazy.  It's so much fun to watch my son interact with him!  My husband's family would be happy to live on the boat, fishing full time and are eager to teach Elijah everything there is to know about the sea (and from what I can tell, the ocean already holds a very special interest with my little man).  His uncle Matt can't wait to get him on a surf board.  Then there's my husband with years of experience as an artist and musician.  I cannot wait to see what Eli's interests will be!
3. Our new air conditioner (which should be saving us about $100 a month on our electric bill!) and the way God provided for it :)
4. Pumpkin spice lattes
5. Quiet evenings at home

Things I am looking forward to:
1. I previously purchased a season pass to our local zoo.  This month it is also good for the Florida Aquarium.  Tomorrow, Eli and I will be going to see the fishies with my long-time friend Amanda and her daughter.
2. Thursday night we'll be joining the family at Cliff's aunt's house to celebrate the birthdays of Cliff's father and great aunt.  I am so blessed to have married into such an amazing family and I cherish time spent with them.
3. Saturday morning, Cliff and I are heading out for our first cruise!!!  We'll be spending 5 days at sea, visiting Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  Part of me is nervous... Eli will be staying with his grandparents while we're gone.  Not that I worry about him being with them at all... I've just never been away from my baby that long and I know that I'll be missing him.  But I am definitely looking forward to having some time away with just me and my wonderful husband!  Woo hoo!!!!

Things that made me smile this week:
1. When I was a little girl, I loved spending time coloring with my mommy.  This week we introduced Eli to crayons.  I've been spending a lot of time coloring with him and it makes my heart smile every time :)
2. For some reason, I woke up feeling very motivated on Wednesday.  Coincidentally, my mom watches Elijah for a few hours on Wednesday mornings.  This combination allowed me to get a ton of cleaning done around the house!
3. The fall-ish weather that we've had the joy of experiencing this week.

Favorite quote:
"Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die." -My sister

Current like:
The beginning of fall and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays!

Current dislike:
The stress I have in knowing that the holidays are right around the corner! lol.  I have so much to do in the next couple of months!

Favorite blog post I came across:
Roots & Wings shared her delicious-looking Pumpkin Pie Spiced Pumpkins recipe.  I cannot wait to try it myself!

Scripture verse:
"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." -2 Chronicles 7:14

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Loofah! Loofah!

This morning Eli and I were blessed with a tasty breakfast and some quality time with my wonderful parents.  Sadly, I only had my camera phone but it's better than no camera at all, right?  Right.

After breakfast, we headed back to my parents' house.  It's nice to do things outside of your own home, ya know?  Papa and Eli had lots of fun playing with trucks and trains...
Later, we went out to my dad's garden to see what was new.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, my dad has quite the green thumb (something I do not posess).
Have you ever seen where loofahs come from?  I hadn't either.  Maybe it's just the nerd in me, but I found it very interesting!  They grow on vines and start out looking something like this...
You know they're ready to be picked from the vine when they're all brown...
First, you break off one of the ends and shake all the seeds out...
They have a lot of seeds.  Next, you start peeling off the outer shell...
Until you're left with this...
Cool, huh?  For some reason, I never thought of loofahs as growing on vines.  I want to live on a loofah farm.  It's just a fun word to say... looofaaaahhhh.  Moving on, lol.

And of course, a big thanks goes out to those hard-working girls that make all that gardening stuff possible...

Now it's time to go cut up some freshly baked brownies and take them over to my former co-workers for a bit of afternoon cheer.  This life sure is a busy one, but I wouldn't trade a moment of it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Well after a long, tiring day of laundry and trying to get things back in order, I am very ready for bed.  But first... a look into our long Labor Day weekend at Ft. Pierce...

We had such a great time!  I woke up every morning to watch the sunrise, got on a surf board for the first time (notice I said that I got on it... not stood on it, lol), spent some time fishing, soaked up the sunshine, and enjoyed spending three days with the people that I love the most (minus my parents who couldn't make it... Missed you guys!!!)

Oh how I wish we never had to leave...