Saturday, July 31, 2010

Decoupage Wall Art, Version 2.0

In the midst of my shower being retiled and toilet being repaired in the master bathroom, I decided that my bathroom could use some sprucing up.  Ok, and I could use some crafting time.  So, I pulled a canvas out of the garage (thank goodness my artsy husband bought them for himself to use... they're so handy to have lying around, lol) and made another version of my decoupage wall art....

Step 1: Paint the canvas 

Step next: Cut out different flower shapes from coordinating fabrics (the burlap was my favorite)

Third thing: Cut a piece of scrapbook paper in half and mod podge that sucker to your dry canvas, wrapping them around the edges and overlapping them slightly since one piece of paper won't reach across the entire canvas.  (Sorry... forgot to get a photo of this step)

Step four: Decoupage your lovely little flowers all over your canvas. 

Number 5: Use your gluey concoction to stick buttons in the middle of your flowers.  

Last step: Hang canvas over your toilet.  Or somewhere else you think it should go.  :)

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