Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kiss Me In The Rain

Although we woke up to dull, gray skies, our day was anything but gloomy.  We started the morning in our favorite sort of fashion.  Donning comfy P.J.'s, Daddy and Eli watched some Saturday morning cartoons...

While Momma whipped up some chocolate chip muffins...

Served up with some fresh fruit, it made for a very happy start to our day.

With satisfied bellies (and taste buds!), we headed for the pool.  This, however, was a short adventure.  Yesterday's rain made the water very cold, but we still enjoyed splashing around and giggling for a little while before nap time.  

Florida's afternoon showers brought kisses in the rain...

I am so thankful for perfect days like these. 


  1. sounds like a glorious day, enjoy! love u all,
    mom p

  2. DANIELLE!!! You are so beautiful!!! The rain picture makes me wants to dance in the rain with my little guy :-) Thanks for sharing!