Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Friends Are Animals.

My husband has been working a lot lately, so we were very excited about making today a family day. After enjoying some fruit and blueberry muffins for breakfast, we headed over to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo :)

Eli just couldn't resist a nap on the way there...

And mommy just couldn't resist snapping a few photos. Here I am being my usual dorky self. Can you tell I was excited about our family day?

Our car ride would not have been complete without a typical "I hate you for taking my picture while I'm driving" photo of Daddy...

Once we made it to the zoo, Eli was very happy to be riding in his wagon...

After checking out the aviary and getting up close and personal with Eli's beloved birds, we headed to Mama's favorite spot... the petting zoo!

Mama made a new special friend...

Unfortunately, those mean old molars that are trying to push their way through decided to give my sweet boy a hard time. He spent the rest of the day, just wanting to sleep and be held by Mommy or Daddy...

We decided to head home so that Eli could get some rest in the a/c, but before doing so, we bought season passes to the zoo. I am looking forward to the adventures that lie before us and all the smiles that Eli will have visiting his animal friends.


  1. Looks like it was a great family day with fun for ALL! mom p.

  2. how fantastic! the zoo is the best! He's going to love the whole season of zoo adventures

  3. Thank you Ashley, I agree! I look forward to seeing Eli getting excited about all the animals but secretly... mommy gets just as excited, lol.

  4. haha...i have about a million of the same exact picture of cory that you took of cliff. always the same look from the same angle...too funny.:) glad you had fun at the zoo!