Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Smiles For Old Surprises

Today, while Elijah was at the beach knocking down sandcastles with his Papa and Grammie, this mama was taking advantage of her "down time" and re-organizing the handsome little man's room!

When Eli came home, he was very excited to see so many "new" toys (that mommy had secretly stashed away after Christmas)...

All the clutter was gone (because mommy hid a bunch of toys to take out again later), fun drawers were out full of toys for Eli to explore, and a cozy little spot was set up in the corner...

A big thanks to our friends Cory and Chrissy as well as Jonny and Danielle who first shared with us the idea of rotating toys to keep the little ones from getting bored. It really does keep things fun!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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