Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sincerely Sunday : Happy 25th Birthday To Me!

This weekend has been so wonderful!  After spending Friday night celebrating Elijah's second birthday (Holy crap... I have a two year old!!!), Saturday proved to be even more fun.  We met our family and a few close friends at the Park for some late morning fun...

After all the bubbles, cake and smiles came to a close, Elijah headed home with his Mimi and Papa for a sleep over, while Mommy and Daddy headed home to prepare for an evening out.  Before heading to my favorite restaurant (Roy's) for some Hawaiian fusion cuisine, we made a stop at Wal-Mart where Cliff decided to buy me a new iPod (to replace the one I accidentally smashed)...

Isn't it so cute? I can't wait to use it at the gym!  It even has a clip on the back to attach to my clothing and has some little thing-a-majig that counts your calories with each step you take (they call it a pedometer, but I prefer the term "thing-a-majig").  Now if I can just get by without loosing the little thing, everything will be super! ;)

This morning lead us to church where I was surrounded by smiling faces from the people I've come to love so much.  Then my sweet friend Nicole and I spent the afternoon pampering ourselves with pedicures and doing a little shopping...

My parents invited us over for dinner where we were treated to a delicious steak dinner and banana cake.  Yum!  Then it was back home for some wrestling and tickle fights with my favorite boys.  Today was a beautiful day to celebrate my 25 years of life.  I am so thankful for all the family and friends that I have been blessed with.  They make my life so much sweeter.

Things I'm thankful for:
1. Birthday celebrations
2. The gift of life
3. Pedicures (I can finally stop hiding my feet!)
4. Having such a happy son
5. My church family

Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Dinner on Saturday.  We're getting a sitter (a big thank you to the Lawrences!) and enjoying a dinner out with both sides of the family to celebrate my birthday (this weekend was a little full).  And there will be sushi :)
2. Having breakfast with my Daddy one day this week
3. Spending some quality time with my mother and sister tomorrow night
4. Kayaking with my sister Saturday morning
5. Play group (as usual)

Things that made me smile this week:
1. I recorded Elijah singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "The Itsy, Bitsy Spider" all by himself.
2. Having some much-needed girl time today
3. Hearing Elijah speak in full sentences

Current like:
Days spent outside in the warm sunshine.

Current dislike:
The disorganized mess that is my house.

Something I need to work on:
My horrible eating habits.  Tomorrow starts the calorie counting.

Favorite quote:
"Our imaginations were fashioned like wicks to be ignited by the fire of fresh revelation, dripping with wax that God can imprint with His endless signatures." -Beth Moore

"For you formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother's womb.  I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well." -Psalm 139:13-14

Yours Truly,
Danielle Renae

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