Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here's To Trains And Space

Our Tuesday mornings are usually the same... spending time with our friends at play group.  But this morning, we decided to change things up a bit.  Nothing super exciting, really.  Elijah got a new train set for his birthday and was so happy and content playing with it...

So, I decided to skip out on the normal routine and take advantage of his rare mood to get a start on my spring cleaning.  My mess of a closet is finally tidy again and the piles and piles of clothes I had shoved in every nook and cranny... some too big, some too small... are now all neatly stored away.  Which brings me to my new favorite thing... space saver bags!

Bag #1:
And bag #2 (In the same bin):

Hooray for saving space!!! :)

Danielle Renae

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