Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday Beginnings And Little Valentines

To put it simply, play group this morning truly was heart warming.  While tired mommies sipped on coffee, and smiling toddlers indulged in various sweets, we took some time to celebrate Valentine's Day with the little ones we love so much.  And since Elijah's birthday is Friday, we also celebrated the birth of my adorable son...  

 {Valentine's Day Crafts}
{Yummy cupcakes!!!}
{A cake for my sweet boy}
 {Blowing out birthday candles}
 {More cake and trucks make for a very happy little guy}

I've realized that while play group was originally intended for our children to have a chance to play and make friends, I have grown to love the other mommies there and cherish that time for myself.  Can't wait to see them all again next week!

With love, 
Danielle Renae

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