Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Quick Fix

Last night, my husband was darling enough to take a car full of girls to what ended up being the most amazing concert I've had the joy of experiencing!  

My husband, sister, dear friend and I bought tickets to see Something Corporate... a band that won my heart over during my high school years and still has it's place on my list of favorites.  

While getting ready, I got to thinking.  I hate carrying around large purses at concerts, and my husband hates being responsible for carrying my phone in his pocket (especially since I'm usually asking him to take it out and put it back a million and one times).  

I had a purse stashed away that Cliff's sweet grandmother gave me one year for Christmas.  It's tiny... just the right size for the essentials... but it wasn't quite the look I was going for...
With a button, lighter, embroidery floss/thread, and some burlap (all items I had lying around) I gave the purse a quick fix...
... and it worked perfectly!

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