Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sincerely Sunday : Running That Dog

I'm on the verge of falling asleep, but I didn't want to miss another Sincerely Sunday post!

It has been a fun and crazy week in our home. It never ceases to amaze me just how busy life can be, and I'm even more amazed by the fact that I can't ever remember any of what happened come the week's end! All I can say is that we spent most of the week swimming and making the most of being Floridians :)

Yesterday, my parents were awesome and volunteered to watch Eli all day while Cliff and I joined his parents and his brother Matt for an offshore fishing trip. We had a blast! We met at the marina at 7:30 am and headed out with high hopes. We spent the entire morning looking for live bait, and then it was time for some action! By the time we got back to the marina, it was close to 8 pm. Years ago, I never would have imagined that I would like fishing so much, but I'd be perfectly content living on a boat and spending my days "running that dog" as the fishermen say :) I could go on and on about how great our day was, but I'll let the photos do the talking...

The Hubster and me.


Mom P. :)

We saw a bunch of dolphin and some sea turtles that made me smile.

Meet the Captain.

Our Bonitas put up quite a fight...

I got a little into it, I guess.

24 pounder!

I lost a lot of hooks...

Cliff's jack.

And mine. We kept catching the same type of fish at the same time. It was weird.

A tasty snapper :)

Matt hooked a nurse shark. (Don't worry... it's back to eating everyone's bait)

I was very excited when I found out that my new flips had a built-in bottle opener. So excited in fact, that I insisted on opening any drinks with bottle caps :)

My knots still leave a lot to be desired, but I am determined to get it one of these days!

Me with my fish and Cliff's mockery at it's finest :)

Kissy, Kissy little fishies!
(I love that he plays along, even though he thinks I'm crazy)

Our kingfish.

A few things I am thankful for:
1. Target... I love their stuff and I love their prices. Win-Win!
2. The power of prayer.
3. God's promise to complete the work he started in each of us.
4. Marble Slab's cookie drizzle ice cream... it's seriously like a party in my mouth.

"'Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?' The expert in the law replied, 'The one who had mercy on him.' Jesus told him, "Go and do likewise.'" -Luke 10:36-37

Current struggle:
Keeping up with the house. We've been so busy lately and it seems like whenever I get one thing clean, Eli makes 5 more messes for me to clean up. Having a messy home always puts me out of sorts. The worse it gets, the harder it is for me to find things which makes me a little looney. I think I've seriously lost my marbles.

What I am looking forward to:
1. The 4th of July!!! We'll be visiting Cliff's mom to celebrate her birthday and then heading to a party to catch up with some old friends. It should be a great time... Marines that are home to stay and lots of fireworks :)
2. Hanging out with my sister. She is always so helpful and time spent with her is full of laughs, good music and movie quotes :)

Things that made me smile this week:
1. It may sound horrible, but I'm not gonna lie... I was pretty psyched about catching a bigger fish than the men yesterday! :)
2. Spotting some sea turtles. They're one of my favorite animals :)
3. A few days ago, I had to wake Eli up from his nap to take my sister to work (her car is in the shop). He's been so cuddly lately, and this time was no different. He laid his head on my shoulder for a minute, then popped his little head up, very dramatically pulled his pacifier out of his mouth, gave me a big kiss, and laid his head back on my shoulder. It was the sweetest!
4. We have a routine that we follow every night with Elijah which includes giving him a bath, brushing his teeth, putting him in jammies, and praying with him...then kisses, cuddles and bed. Tonight, as we sat down to talk to Jesus, Eli started saying "Jesus." It made my heart feel so big :)

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