Friday, August 26, 2011

Sew In Love!

I have made several ragtime quilts in the past, but have never been kind enough to share them with you. (Sorry for that!)  So, I figured today I would share with you my most recent project... a baby ragtime quilt, requested by my lovely friend, Janine, for her newborn photoshoots.  I am sew in love!!!! (And apparently, extremely cheesy.)

Once I finish a project, I usually find that the excitement is over and I don't want to do it over again.  The joy for me is in creating and hashing out new ideas.  But I love picking out fabrics and the way the fabric feels in my hands as I feed it through the machine.  Not to mention the satisfaction I feel once it's done and I can see all the little pieces fit so perfectly together.  Making these quilts is quickly becoming my favorite pastime and is something I enjoy doing over and over and over again.  

With Love, 
Danielle Renae

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