Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Little Crafting And A Little Ministering

Over a year ago, my husband Cliff and I started attending what is now our beloved home church, Calvary Chapel Palm Harbor.  Shortly after we began attending, I was introduced to a ministry there called HopeAlive2010 that ministered to the people of Swaziland, Africa.  The more I learned about what they were doing and what God was doing through them, the more I felt a burden on my heart and a desire to be involved.  Since that time over a year ago, my husband and I have been so blessed by the opportunities that the Lord has given us to be involved.  The proud wife in me, can't help but brag on my husband.... check out their new website, created by my talented hunk:! ANYWAY... on to the point.  This past weekend, one of those opportunities arose as our church put together a sew day, inviting ladies to come enjoy some fellowship as we sewed pillowcase dresses for girls and shorts for boys.  These items will be taken to Swaziland next month and given to the Siteki orphans we support. The crafter in me fell in love.  My excitement lead to a silly little dance (yes, there were witnesses) as I held in my hands the first dress I ever made... 
I couldn't stop at just one.  I took some material home and got to work...
Aaaaand, here's the last one step-by-step...
Once the dresses were finished, I was in need of another project involving my lovely sewing machine.  Check back tomorrow to see what I'm finishing today! :)

With Love, 
Danielle Renae

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